Thursday, 12 March 2015

...Till next time...

Today was my last day (for now) with Asha.  I returned to Kusumpur Pahadi, a slum in southwest Delhi, not far from the office.  We visited this slum in 2008 with a team, and painted the community centre.  I was able to show some of the community photos from that time which amused them as they spotted various younger versions of friends and selves.  This is the slum which is high above the water table so is completely reliant on water brought in by tanker.  That is all very well until you meet one coming the other way on the approach road as we did on the way home. The road is narrow with vehicles parked and pedestrians  and all sorts of animals - cows, donkeys, goats, pigs, dogs and chickens everywhere!
Here are the pigs...and a cow...
Another day and another consulting room.  I remember helping to paint these walls in 2008!
After the clinic, I said goodbye to the staff
...and returned to the office, avoiding the approaching water tanker (!) I had been invited to share lunch with the Office staff, excellently cooked by Kiran G.  We had a lot of fun and ate plenty.  One of the hardest parts of leaving Delhi is leaving this lovely crowd who look after me so well.  I love them all!  Sadly Shubhra couldn't be there as she has been unwell. :-(
My last job was to do a workshop with all the Asha staff.  I always enjoy teaching them.  We had a good discussion about high blood pressure.
These are the staff who have worked with me in the clinics, organising me and translating for me.  They work very hard in a difficult environment to provide the best care to the communities that they can.  Many of them are long serving, having worked with Asha almost since its beginning! They are all wonderful!

So tomorrow I fly home.  Goodbye Asha...till next time!

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